Welshpool Town Hall Meeting Update

We’ve now had confirmation from Welshpool Town Council about the format of the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for July 24, 2019, at 6pm specifically called for the Frochas Farm IPU planning application.
This meeting will be a very important meeting and the council encourages everyone to attend.

There will be a presentation from the Town Clerk first, followed by an open discussion session where committee members and members of the public may make verbal comments about the proposed intensive poultry unit.

After this, Welshpool committee members will then be voting whether they are for or against the development. The vote will happen publicly immediately after the session. Those wanting to see which way the vote goes will need to remain in the room after the session has come to a close.

If the committee votes against the planning application, this means that Welshpool Town Council will be objecting as a statutory consultee to Powys County Council Planning Services.

It is very important that we show up in numbers once again for this meeting as this will be a further sign to the Welshpool committee members that the community is objecting.

Please help us spread the word so we can get as many people there as possible and present unified opposition to this proposed industrial size IPU.

People attending that have restricted mobility are advised to arrive early as the elevator is slow and the staircase to the room is long and steep.

Full meeting agenda can be downloaded here.