Welshpool Council Strongly Objects to Chicken Factory

The Welshpool Planning and Development Committee voted last night (July 24, 2019) at a town hall meeting to unanimously “strongly object” to the proposed planning application from Frochas Farm to build a 7,200sq ft industrial chicken factory next to Dingle Nurseries & Gardens.

Locals who attended the meeting en masse have welcomed the decision by Welshpool Town Council, who acted as representation for the community. However, the application will still go before Powys County Council as they are the final decision maker. About 70 members of the public turned up to watch the debate and make public comments.

The committee made note of 12 main areas of concern from the public which included the potentially disastrous impact on Dingle Nurseries, increased HGV traffic on the narrow, unmarked, unlit single track country lane in Frochas, knock on health effects on children, the elderly and those with respiratory issues, environmental damage and the influx of flies pests and vermin.

The Vote

After the debate, the Town Council voted 8 to 0, with no abstentions, against the application giving 15 grounds for their strong objection. They also requested that the application is presented to the Full Committee at Powys County Council and not decided at Officer level, and that due to the high level of interest in the chicken factory application the committee meeting takes place in Welshpool, and not at Llandrindod Wells county offices.

Affected Residents

Residents have been alarmed to find out recently that vast amounts of chicken manure could potentially be spread in areas close to Welshpool community facilities. The proposed industrial size poultry unit will produce manure and poultry dust from over one million chickens per year resulting in 2,250 tonnes of chicken manure, which is rich in ammonia, and the applicant Frochas Farm is planning on spreading a significant amount of this on fields through Frochas and closer to Welshpool just off Windmill Lane, many of which are on steep slopes where run off is a high risk throughout the year.

Sainbury’s, Bron y Buckly, Adelaide Drive, Gungrog Hill, Welshpool High School, Welshpool Medical Centre and Victoria Memorial Hospital would be 500-1,000 metres from these fields, which could lead to nauseating smells and an dramatic increase in flies through Welshpool.

Residents still have until August 2, 2019, to submit their objections to the council if they do not want to be affected by this proposed factory, and anyone with a UK address has the right to object to this development that greatly impacts the whole community and wider environment.

Powys Council has said it will not be publicising peoples’ details and information that object in accordance with data protection laws.

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Full meeting notes can be viewed here.