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Each individual member of a household or business may submit an objection and this is strongly recommended.

Obviously, the more objections the council receives the bigger the consideration for the case officer and planning committee. We also encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues who are entitled to object as well.

For those who may have objected previously, during the pre-consultation period in January 2019, via Welshpool Council, Roger Parry & Partners or online petitions, it is critical that you now submit a formal objection to Planning Services, Powys Council to have an impact on the final planning decision.


Step by Step Guide

How to Object Through the Council Website

  1. Click here to go to the Powys Council application page
  2. Complete the “Make a Comment” form
  3. Select a Commenter Type: If you are resident of Frochas or Llanerchydol or work at a location nearby (such as Dingle Nurseries) you may want to select Neighbour.
    If you are visitor, friend, relative or tourist you can select Member of the Public.
  4. Stance: Object
  5. Reasons for comment: You can select as many options as you wish.
  6. Your Comment Box: If you would like to leave a comment, please do so. This is where you can elaborate on your objection.
  7. After you have clicked the submit button, you should then receive an email confirmation from the website showing a summary of your objection.
  8. We would ask you to please forward a copy of this email confirmation so we can collate the number of objections and include this in a report we will be presenting to the council and planning committee at the appropriate time:



  • People can use the same email address, if they share one
  • Every individual of a household / family  can submit an objection
  • You do need a UK address