Montgomery Wildlife Trust Objects

The Montgomery Wildlife Trust (MWT) has formally objected to the proposed intensive poultry unit at Frochas Farm.

The main objections cited were on the grounds of priority species, European protected species, nationally important sites, trees, woodland and hedgerows, as well as discrepancies in the application documents.

Interesting excerpt:

The proposed development has been granted an Environmental (IPPC) Permit from NRW, dated November 2018. However, there is a discrepancy between the permitted number of crop cycles and that indicated by the applicant in the supporting documents. The Design and Access Statement states 7.5 cycles per year and the EIA, 7.6 cycles per year; the Environmental Permit is for 6.5 cycles.

Following communication with NRW on the matter, they have stated: “The permit is correct with the number of cycles per year being 6.5. This is what the ammonia model was based on. This is for the whole operation. With regards to the maximum potential of the permit, if the operator wishes to expand further they will need to apply to vary their permit. Until then, the operator cannot operate above the permitted number.

This serious matter needs clearing up prior to determination, including ensuring that ammonia modelling has been carried out for the correct number of crop cycles.

Click here to read the full objection document.