Planning Application Submitted for 7,200sq.ft Industrial Operation – Frochas Farm, Welshpool

A formal planning application from Mr. John T Owen, Frochas Farm, and Roger Parry & Partners has been submitted to Planning Services at Powys County Council for a three shed, 7,200sq ft intensive poultry unit (IPU), plus silos and other works, which will produce over one million broiler chickens for meat, per year.

The application is now showing on the Powys County Council website: Planning Services

The site is so significant that it falls under Schedule 1 of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011, the same category as a new airport or a nuclear power plant. Large broiler developments like this application are categorised in environmental regulations as being equivalent to crude oil refineries, nuclear fuel processing plants and chemical installations.

The industrial units will be located less than 250 metres from Dingle Nurseries & Gardens and only 500 metres from Glyndwr’s Way, and will be more than two times the size of the BM Store in Welshpool.

The application is now under review by case officer Tamsin Law and can be found on the Powys Council website.

For those who may have objected previously to proposed plan through the Welshpool Council, Roger Parry & Partners or via online petitions, it is critical that you now submit a formal objection to Planning Services, Powys Council to have an impact on the final planning decision.

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Please object now to the formal planning application from Mr. John T Owen, Frochas Farm.