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By donating you will help Ecotipus raise awareness about IPUs (intensive poultry units) and their impact on communities and the environment.

Ecotipus is a grass roots community-based group that relies on volunteers giving their time and skills, and donations which allow us to support communities that are being overwhelmed and devastated by industrial size IPUs that are built in hamlets, villages and the beautiful, rural British countryside.

Communities often find out about planned IPU developments too late and are overwhelmed and intimidated. Residents are panicked and scared and are left feeling isolated and ignored because they don’t who to turn to or where to go to get reliable information in telling them what an IPU is, how it will affect their community, their lives and their environment.

There is so much that a community has to go through to get its voice heard and people who have no experience or prior knowledge of IPUs are expected to educate themselves, which can often take days and weeks of research, in order to get the information they need.

Once they have the information on the planned IPU they then have to find out about the planning process and how best to oppose and object to it. Even if someone has had experience with planning applications (such as home alterations), opposing an industrial size operation like an IPU is an entirely new process.

From experience, we found that sourcing the right information was not at all easy.

This is why Ecoptipus was created and it is our goal to be a free, quick and easy point of contact for communities in the UK that are unwillingly thrown into these complicated situations. Ecoptious will try to empower these affected communities by sharing relevant information, reliable resources and a support network, and help educate them about IPUs. We will also offer guidance and support to help communities object and get their voices heard.


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Donations are processed by PayPal – you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

If you would like to donate in other ways such as providing us with content, literature, research or volunteer your time please send us an email to