Frochas IPU application rejected by Planning Committee

The planning application for the 150,000 broiler IPU at Frochas, 19/0938/FUL, was refused by the Powys Planning Committee on February 4, 2021. The proposed industrial poultry unit (IPU) received over 350 written objections from the community and wider public, as well as the Welshpool Town Council that voted unanimously against the IPU, citing 15 strong More

Llanerchydol Hall
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An Unsuitable Location

The industrial operation and IPU at Frochas Farm will be close to local businesses, tourist attractions and many residents surrounding Welshpool. Dingle Nurseries & Gardens objected in the pre-consultation stage stating the plan could have a disastrous impact on its business. In addition to this, there are over 30 residential properties located within less than 500m More