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The intensive broiler poultry unit proposed at Frochas Farm is to be built just one mile from Welshpool high street and will have a direct impact on residents, homes and businesses in terms of ammonia emissions, pollution, manure odour, waste, house and land value, noise pollution and a dramatic increase in heavy vehicle traffic.

An industrial chicken broiler of this major size could have a serious impact on property and land values and businesses in the area.

IPUs are known for producing huge amounts of ammonia, dust and chicken manure odours, and this may lead to intense (often nauseating) smells being blown into the centre of Welshpool and surrounding areas, which would make it very unpleasant for residents, shoppers, visitors, tourists and walkers on Glyndwr’s Way.

The proposed site would also have a serious impact on footpaths through and around Llanerchydol, Llanerchydol Park, Frochas and Glyndwr’s Way, and visitors and shoppers to Dingle Nurseries & Gardens.

Powis Castle and Gardens is also located within 2.1km of the industrial plan.