Frochas IPU application rejected by Planning Committee

The planning application for the 150,000 broiler IPU at Frochas, 19/0938/FUL, was refused by the Powys Planning Committee on February 4, 2021. The proposed industrial poultry unit (IPU) received over 350 written objections from the community and wider public, as well as the Welshpool Town Council that voted unanimously against the IPU, citing 15 strong More


CPRW Update: Powys County Council Poultry Planning Frenzy

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales has sent out the following update and press release to it’s supporters and media highlighting the prolific spread and continuing planning approvals of chicken factories across the county of Powys and the devastating environmental impacts of intensive poultry units (IPUs). “This is the 5th anniversary of our More


Objection by Cross Britain Way – Macmillan Ways Association

Cross Britain Way, which is part of Macmillan Ways Association, have shared their objection to the proposed IPU application in Frochas with us, which they submitted to Powys County Council Planning recently. Below is the objection letter that they put forward: “My interest in the proposed IPU site is that I created Cross Britain Way More

People getting sick from IPUs

Open Letter: Intensive Poultry Units Pose Serious Public Health Risk

Open Letter to the UK Government, National Assembly for Wales, Public Health Wales, DEFRA, NHS, bodies and officials, councils and the media. Are intensive poultry units (IPUs) the next public health scandal and how long can the government and councils underestimate the threat of ammonia from IPUs as it becomes the next silent killer?

Llanerchydol Hall

CADW Objects

CADW have submitted a formal objection on the Powys County Council planning website. Their assessment surmised that they have significant concerns about the likely adverse impact on Llanerchydol Park and Garden. They also stated that the application (from Roger Parry & Partners) is inadequately documented and that they should submit additional information.